Map Integration Services

Map integration services are a necessity for modern businesses today. Take full advantage of the Google maps feature to take your local business to the next level. Our developers can coordinate Google maps on web applications and iOS/Android applications. We utilize street view, street perspective as well as satellite imagery for applications. As Google Maps is created in JavaScript and XML, our team of professionals can reverse it and deliver customer side scripts and server-side tricks to customize Google maps to suit your business model. Utilizing the center motor and the satellite pictures facilitated by Google, and we can present custom area symbols, custom map image sources, location coordinates into the Google Maps interface. At Zentryx tech solutions, we consolidate Google Maps with photograph sharing websites to make Memory Maps. Utilizing duplicates of the Keyhole satellite photographs, taking the benefit of picture comment highlights, we give individual narratives and information in regards to specific purposes of the region. What you get with our Map integration services:


Google Maps API

Google Maps API enables developers to incorporate Google Maps into their websites. It is free, yet Google states in their terms of utilization that they maintain whatever authority is needed to show advertisements later on. We can insert Google Maps webpage into an external site utilizing the Google Maps API. We can grow Google Maps API to incorporate services for recovering static images of the map, generating driving directions, performing geocoding. We utilize customized Google API for an assortment of websites.


Google Maps for Mobile

Google created Google Mobile Application for both the Android and iOS operating systems. Our team is capable of building mobile applications utilizing Google Mobile Services. We are giving WiFi-based services, GPS-based services, and cell transmitter-based services to our customers using Google Mobile Services. We are experts in customizing navigation route, road view, and public transport information. Our developers can update the application's user interface.