Microsoft SQL database services

Zentryx tech solutions understands the growing and complex demands of modern businesses to survive in the cut-throat competition today. Today organizations have critical applications and websites that need a robust and scalable database hosting solution for which Microsoft SQL database is the ideal choice. With the SQL database, you can truly optimize the workload of your organization with minimum downtime making it a worthy addition to your organizational scalability. With our database hosting services, you can reduce the overhead load on your primary server by hosting your database on a separate server and improve its overall performance without having to worry about its management and maintenance. That means you don’t have to manage, or upgrade, repair or maintain the SQL database as our developers are going to do that for you. SQL database empowers developers to build great applications for the smooth functioning of business enterprises. If you opt for our Microsoft SQL database services, you get:


24 * 7 Availability

Our developers use various nodes for the development and hosting of your SQL database including reading only, read/write as well as passive nodes making the database accessible at all times in any situation. It also makes for a high performing and reliable database solution for your organization.


Scalable and functional database

When you reduce the overload of your primary server you better manage your business operations. Our developers design a scalable database for you meaning that you can scale up or down as per your preferences and the demand of your business organization.


Managed with backups

Our database solutions are fully managed with daily backups included leaving you little to worry about database crashing down or data loss. Our highly qualified system administrators manage every aspect of the database for you.

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Platform independent database

Our Microsoft SQL database solutions are designed to be platform independent meaning that it does not depend on any particular operating system to learn that is going to make it easier for your business operations to run freely.