The travel industry has indeed upgraded itself with millions of travelers using mobile apps to book and plan their trips. As a travel business entrepreneur, you need the best travel application design to suit your customer and effectively aid your customers in searching, planning and booking the perfect trip for themselves. ZentryX Tech Solutions strives to provide an apt mobile application for your agency with the latest features and functionalities. With our advanced application, your business will be able to entice new customers and be able to convert them into your loyal users. We help you to serve your customers from all the corners of the world with much more efficiency than before. With our travel application your customers can get the following features:

Key Features

1- Book domestic and international flights via a month-view calendar

2- Cancel or reschedule booked flights

3- Get price tracking features meaning immediate alerts when the prices for any deals change

4- Book car rentals at your preferred destination with ease

5- Book hotels or other accommodation facilities in a preferred destination ahead of your trip

6- Book trips at the last minute on short notice in case of emergency travel

7- Organize a travel itinerary to better plan your trip to make the most of it

8-Provide integrated maps as well as geolocation tracking services

9-Search for any upcoming events or activities in the destination you are going to travel

10- Get instant access to millions of online reviews, pictures, and videos of different destinations, restaurants, hotels or any place you want to visit

11- Search for places nearby and get complete information about the places you want to visit

Last Note:

ZentryX Tech Solutions believes in providing the absolute best in travel apps for travel agency businesses so that they can serve their customers more efficiently and comfortably. Our mobile travel application solution is truly flexible and scalable that can be upgraded as per your business needs at the time of requirement. Upgrade your travel business today