About Us

Salt Bae (n) – An artist with a penchant for flair and a dramatic yet precise rendition of the most essential seasonings.
Salt is to Salt Bae what Digital Marketing is to Zentryx – Before anyone else.

Who we are

Let’s state the obvious: Zentryx Tech Solutions is NOT your another run-of-the-mill digital marketing company. Our being on this planet has been motivated by customer conversations gone unheard, project campaigns powerless to stand the fickleness of age, an apathy to forge real change in organizations and an innate desire to show what we got. We did not sprout up to get lost in the multitude; we are here to guide you through the digital superfluous and provide you with a solution that speaks only of you.

Zentryx Tech Solutions is a new age creative digital company committed to disrupt, redefine and enrich digital experiences through innovative and unorthodox solutions for small and large-scale businesses alike.

Why us

Team Zentryx is a brilliant combination of ingenious designers, heart-warming storytellers, astute brand strategists, perceptive visualizers and futuristic developers. Add to that a dose of wacky humor and an honest intention to make the customer happy, you have come to the right place.

We just don’t collect data; we bring meaning to it, we act on it. We focus on our customers’ needs and attune ourselves to create and design content that people would want to read, listen, watch, discuss and share. It’s important to understand that marketing will never be as simple and static as it once was. As an agency of the future, we believe in staying on top of ‘what’s next’.

Our Vision

We aspire to bring about technological advancements that would inspire our customers to break away from convention and embrace personalized, authentic digital interactions in their everyday journey.

Our Mission

We aim to create and provide innovative and effective solutions for businesses by empowering them with digitally-driven services.
We intend to create a tangible impact that would reflect on our clients’ revenues every month and every year.
We seek to build our clientele on the basis of trust, transparency and ethics.
We pledge to continuous community improvement through reduced carbon footprints and optimum usage of available tools and resources.

Our Culture

Zentryx Tech Solutions believes in a work culture that encourages Winning with Integrity, performance and transparency. Winning is in our DNA. Whether it is delighting customers, innovating products or engineering a new tomorrow, Zentryx is the place to be.

We believe that our employees form the basis of our success and are therefore, our most valued assets. That’s why, we’ve always believed in creating a cheerful and positive work environment with the best of facilities that encourages them to deliver results to their full potential.

New breed of agency

We are mutants – integral to the process of digital evolution. Our genes are distinct, and so is our outlook and approach towards digital marketing.

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Metric minded

We believe in measurability. We reject arbitrary metrics and focus on outcomes that can be tracked in real time and provide clearly defined success factors.

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Customer focused

We understand that every client’s requirements are unique. Our solutions are never the same and we always try to integrate our clients into the process.

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Finger on the pulse

We feel the market. We have an inimitable team of professionals, a team of multidisciplinary specialists, expert in capturing the audience’s attention.

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Our Values

A culture of innovation cohabitating with client gratification.


Nurture customer relationships

We believe in teaching and guiding our clients through the process instead of doing it for them, thus helping them build and augment their brands organically.


Transparent communication

We believe in open and shared data, creating an atmosphere of trust, reliability and partnership between the client and us.


Pursuit of excellence

We believe we need to constantly unlearn and learn to surpass our past efforts, reach even higher pinnacles of success and never feel sated on achieving a goal.


Agenda of innovation

We believe innovation is the game of the future that will determine the best from the rest and sieve away the ordinary from the extraordinary.


Empathy is key

We believe in customer focused content, helping brands forge a two-way connection with the consumer leading towards deeper customer trust and intimacy, something like a comforting digital hug.


Cultivate happiness

We believe in creating a workspace that smells of laughter, encouragement and positive vibes making the trickiest of situations seem like melted butter.