Content Marketing

Content marketing targets specific audience groups through consistent and relevant articles, blog posts, social media posts, audios and videos creating an interest in your brand’s products and services. If you’re still on the fence on this one, let’s look at some of the benefits below to understand how content marketing can have a positive impact on your business.

  1. Increased on-site content. The more time a brand spends on quality content, the more reasons for a customer to stick around a website. They will be eager to know more about the brand, browse through white papers, use cases and blog posts to have better product knowledge and engage in conversations and discussions leading to higher conversion rates.
  2. Increased search engine rankings. Every new blog post is another page for Google to index. Though more pages don’t necessarily mean more traffic, quality pages with long-tail keywords and user-searched topics can definitely generate opportunities to rank in more search queries. This brings in a high visibility for the brand with its repertoire of information.
  3. Increased brand recognition. Putting up high quality, useful and informative content on topics that matter is crucial to brand recall and brand reputation. A user will decide to come back or refer the website to their personal and professional circles only if they get content that’s trustworthy, represents topic expertise and speaks of usability in real life scenarios.
  4. Increased conversion potential. A brand can be strategic when using its content to place its products and services for the benefit of the users. It’s key to remember that the content should not sound as an advertisement but a well-thought out piece that points out the benefits and advantages of using a product/service. If done tactfully, it has the potential to convert potential customers to actual customers.
  5. Better customer/audience relationships. A brand’s users will keep on visiting the site when its content speaks to them. Creating a personal connect with the customers or readers gives them a sense of ‘being heard and valued’ and they become dependent on the brand as their major source of information. The right type of content displayed on the brand’s site ensures it of a strong group of brand loyalists who bring with them high visibility and higher footfalls.
  6. Increased savings. Content marketing does not cost much but offers results for years to come. It’s a given that not all content will go viral; but good content do get shared on social media platforms, re-blogged and re-tweeted for hundreds and millions of users to read, eventually reducing advertising costs. Also, it might not yield much in the initial months, but if executed properly, content marketing can increase a brand’s investment exponentially.

Point to remember: Google loves fresh and quality content. And if your content does not impress Google, chances are they wouldn’t appear on people’s search results too. So create content that speaks of your products with the right type of information, authenticity and tact. Use content marketing to boost web traffic and create an archive of information for visitors that have a vested interest in your offerings.