Digital platforms

Online or digital platforms are crucial for facilitating interaction, collaboration and transactions among the brand, its customers and partners. It cuts across traditional organizational structures and employs a different set of processes and policies leading to newer business models and greater value. We focus on creating a user friendly, easily accessible platform that yields a better payoff – both in growth and revenue.

Websites & web applications

Choosing the right platform is integral to the type of website a brand wants to build and the content it wants to advertise. We work with brands to create websites that would engage a wider market, be user responsive and can be easily amended for improved services.

Mobile applications

The primary reason for a brand to invest in a mobile app development platform is to engage and interact with its consumers. Apart from that, we consider several other factors that would enhance the overall experience, performance and reach of your brand’s app on multiple operating systems.

System integration

With more and more organizations becoming dependent on software and technology, and most of them preferring to store their data on cloud, system integration is an inevitable step. We enable you to choose the right type of integration platform, optimize your business processes and streamline functionality for increased growth and revenues.

Marketing automation

An effective marketing automation platform benefits organizations with an increase in web traffic, more consumers and greater customer retention. Our skilled team at Zentryx analyzes and identifies customer patterns, removes the hassle from your marketing strategy and provides you with a streamlined evaluation of tasks and workflows.