Procurement Management

SAFAL is a leading provider of E-Procurement solution with in built English and Arabic language. SAFAL’s procurement performance solutions are built on cutting-edge technology and domain expertise to manage ERP gap of manual Sourcing process. SAFAL E- Procurement solution suite provides a feature-rich technology that fully integrates with any ERP system or can be used stand alone to cover the gap in purchasing.

Our solution called ProcureSENS addresses entire Source-2-Order (Purchase Request to Purchase Order) process flow of procurement that covers Online RFQ/RFP, Online Auction, Online Supplier Registration, Online T&C Negotiation, Contract Management, Supplier Awarding, Purchase Request & Purchase Order Integration. The Solutions will be used by Procurement professionals, Collaborative users and Suppliers to streamline Sourcing process.

    ProcureSENS – Next Generation Supplier Evaluation & Negotiation Solution
  1. Integration – Can be integrated to SAP/Oracle/Other ERP or can be used alone without integration.
  2. E-RFX - Online RFQ/RFP to Suppliers directly from Purchase Request.
  3. E-Auction – English Auction: Suppliers can see their rank as L1, L2,L3…. based on their price quoted in Auction. Colour Auction: Supplier can see their status as Green, Yellow & Read and reduce the price to become Green.
  4. T&C negotiations - Online negotiation of terms and conditions for any RFQ/Auction with Supplier. Supplier can accept or deviate. Describe the deviations notes in details.
  5. Supplier Scoring – Collaborative Users can score suppliers for Techno-commercial offer.
  6. Department Collaboration - Invite Project team for the Technical Evaluation of Supplier & Legal team for the Contract Negotiation.
  7. Submittal Management - Buyer can manage the details of Submittals with the status of supplier evaluation with Consultant.
  8. Contract Management - Negotiate and Award Contract with selected supplier from RFQ or Auction.
  9. Supplier Awarding: Award Supplier from Sourcing events for creating Purchase Order.
  10. Communication: Online messaging between Procurement department and suppliers.
  11. One-click Power Reporting: Multiple reports for Suppliers Comparison price, Supplier Bid History, Savings on every purchase.
  12. Approval: Multi-level hierarchy approval configuration.
  13. Language: English & Arabic interface.
  14. Support: 24*7 Technical support with online chat, email and phone support.
  15. License: Unlimited license for Procurement users, collaborative users and suppliers.
And many more unique features.....