Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) involves creating and sharing user-targeted content on social media sites in order to drive traffic and advance brand exposure. With social networks now becoming an integral part of every marketing strategy, it’s a colossal loss if your brand hasn’t yet latched on to the opportunity. Read on to know about its benefits and why your brand must invest in SMM.

  1. Better target audience. SMM helps in establishing specific customer profiles based on their age, gender, location, interests, etc. that aids in creating tailored posts and adverts for their eyes only. Knowing as much as we can about the consumer helps brands speak to them for better engagement, for example, the right timing for posts, preferred mode of content, and more.
  2. Cost effective Creating a social media profile is almost always free; and any paid promotions on social media platforms are the least expensive part of any advertising strategy. Along with being cost effective, brands also experience a high return on investment (ROI), making it the ideal marketing tool for small and mid-sized businesses.
  3. Rise in inbound traffic. Social media has a wide demography of people searching for various keywords at the same time. By utilizing SMM, brands get the opportunity to reach this demography and open their business to a wider variety of consumers. Add to that a steady stream of quality content, the outcome is an excellent recipe for increased inbound traffic.
  4. Higher conversion rates. Increased traffic and visibility provides businesses more opportunities for conversion. For instance, when a brand interacts with consumers through commenting, sharing and posting content on social media, it resonates with their audience and personifies the brand. The more a brand communicates, the more the audience trusts it leading to improved conversion rates on the existing traffic.
  5. Gain marketplace insights. Social media is the place to be if a brand needs to gauge actual customer reactions and comprehend marketplace behavior. The virtual platforms embolden users to share their opinions and interests that are critical for a brand’s health and longevity. Businesses can also monitor their competition and modify their strategies accordingly for market capture.
  6. Brand establishment. A rise in inbound traffic, higher conversion rates, brand loyalty and brand authority, all work together in creating a company/brand image and establishes the foundation of a credible business. Getting the brand name up across all social media platforms further reinforces its presence in the consumers’ mind and increases the chances of them visiting your site as an actual buyer..

Point to remember: The demography is never constant. The audience profile is forever changing and expanding; which means that though you might target a particular audience group, there might be another audience type that has emerged and bringing in new traffic and revenue to your business. Be aware of these changes and implement the knowledge gained to create more individualized approach for future engagement.