Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization (SMO) refers to augmenting content that would encourage users to read, discuss and share links to the website across various social networking platforms. With social media being top-most priority in every organization’s marketing strategy, an effective SMO can reap several benefits for a business.

  1. Increased brand visibility. A well-articulated content with long-tail keywords and terms can bring in consumers who’re looking for that particular product or service. The more the brand comes up in search results, the higher is its level of visibility and brand awareness. SMO is one of the most effective ways to gain customer footprints, customer recall and gain traffic.
  2. Better customer/audience relationship. Social media has almost overtaken traditional calling and mailing and has become the most important link between a brand and its consumers. It not only helps consumers understand the brand and vice versa, but also acts as a grievance cell where they can present their case and get solutions in real time.
  3. Increased links. Search engines love links that are acquired and generated through posting, bookmarking, tagging and sharing. They crop up in search results of related topics and are considered credible sources of facts and information. Allowing site visitors to use the site’s content brings in a chunk of online traffic making the brand popular and profitable.
  4. Increased brand trust & loyalty Regular blog posts, expert articles and case studies make it easy for consumers to trust a brand and rely on its information. The more a site increases its information bank, better are its chances of increasing its reach and loyalty. Once a consumer trusts a site, it doesn’t take long for the referral process to kick in, increasing the brand’s reach and influence.
  5. Increased conversion potential. An increase in brand visibility, better relationship with the consumer, increased links and an increase in brand trust and loyalty – all of them boil down to one single major outcome – the opportunity to convert potential users to real users. Of course, it will lead to increased revenue and the SMO benefit cycle continues.
  6. Online Reputation Management. Social media is a two-edged sword. It can build and tarnish a brand in minutes. A majority of today’s customers believe in peer recommendations and are skeptical of brand advertisements. A professionally executed SMO takes steps against any negative feedback and monitors a brand’s image and reputation effectively.

Point to remember: Search engines prefer complete, filled-in profiles over half-baked or incomplete information. That’s why it’s important for you to create complete, cohesive social media profiles that are true representations of your business and your brand. Your social media handle should reflect the same contact information displayed on your site. It helps customers retain brand information that they’d otherwise forget and move on.